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Photography by Jan-Micheal Stasiuk 

In a time where the UK has such a spotlight and the music scene is thriving constantly with every passing month film maker Nathan Miller decided to focus on the UK scene and celebrate its organic respect given because of moments and individuals opening up doors for more to come into it.

From origin stories and g given from the likes of Morgan Keyz, to seeing the biggest shifts in influences from legends like Giggs. We have seen the live music scene more than anything evolve into a place where young men and women are making a living off of a passion.

We do get to see a lot of the artists in their elements from West London’s Fredo on the road with his people and talking about the instant growth of his career.

To J Hus on the go but cannot get to the bottom of the road because there are too many fans spotting him and showing him love and it’s actually so great to see.

Talking to producer Nyge talking on how one song he produced for Section Boyz built and shaped his future and made him known a great producer.

It is a very insightful watch and something that was definitely needed, honest words straight from the artist’s mouth (Along with Nathan’s Voice over) and things that we don’t want to hear as it’s not the typical thing you want to hear from an artist, would have been great to see a lot more talk about how things are now and compared to back in the

We got to sit and talk with Nathan to get his personal feedback on the documentary:

Why did you want to have LDN music as a topic after working on the Cipha Sounds project?

I came back to London and the scene was banging! Everybody has hits, there are so many shows going on, the culture is in a very interesting place. It was only right!


What did you learn personally entering the UK scene and seeing so many rising talents making music a career?

That we make great music! Whilst filming all I was listening to was UK artists, I’ve noticed that there is so much variety to fit your mood, it’s good.


How long did you take putting together the documentary?

I begun filming late September, wrapped shooting late January/early Feb and the edit took around a month to get it to where it is – not long at all.


Traveling across the city and even the country who did you enjoy filming the most?

That’s a hard one, I’ve got loads of stories. If I had to narrow it down to a show it’d have to be J Hus’ show, he has very active fans. If we’re talking interviews, I took a liking to Reekz MB – we was speaking for ages.


Was there an artist you didn’t know much about and because of the doc you are now in full support of?

Belly Squad & Reeko Squeeze were the guys I knew the least of, but I’ve been around them numerous times since filming and they’re both killing it – I’d say them.


Is there anyone you wish you could add to the doc to add to the dynamic?

Dave, Little Simz, Daniel OG, Suspect… I can go on for a while. There are a lot of people missing, but I do have footage of a lot of artists even if they don’t have a speaking role within the doc.


How do you want this documentary to influence masses?

I hope that people can just appreciate where we are as a scene right now. People like to remember the golden days of hip hop, grime etc. I feel like we are living one out right now.


Visually it looks amazing how important was that for you for the turn out for the documentary?

It was pretty important, I had done a lot of filming last year (many unreleased projects) so I was getting a lot better, I knew it was going to look good – I’m happy I got to create a piece how I envisioned it to be.


Also any last words for the people about to watch this? 

Hope y’all enjoy!


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