Watch this piece on Gentrification & growing up in Brixton

‘Gentrification is working its way throughout London by swallowing up popular working-class areas and converting them into spaces fit for the middle class’  – Shane Duncan

We see this all the time and although we are impressed by the new look designs and the features it has for those that live inside some believe that its away to rub out the impressive culture built up for Generations that made the location what it is and allowed people to grow and appreciate where they live and build that sense of community that make us rep our ends so hard.

Karl Loko / Photography by Shane Duncan

Shane Duncan who has Directed, produced and edited this clean & informative piece has spoken to the likes of: Thea Gajic , Jak O’hare , Solomon Smith, Saffron Parker, Alex Wheatle MBE & more that believe that the impact of South London means more to them than many can believe and its embedded a sense of home at all times with the things that have happened there and paying attention to the change, with the question in mind is it a good or bad situation for the area.


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