Watch the documentary – Don’t Call it Road Rap

With the LDN documentary landing it shown that people really wanted to know and understanding how UK music is evolving and opening eyes and showing the thought process of the artists that are slowly emerging, we get the invested narrator, legendary Mike Skinner going to talk to the names of the UK rap scene that have made the spotlight hit them in their own way.

Talking on the legend that is Giggs once again being a catalyst and Mike dubbing I’m the first gangster rapper on how people really need to come together in his statement to fellow artists, triggering the many in the come up to be in the position that Hollowman is in.

This is a very good watch and a way to listen to the mindset of 67, C Biz, section Boyz only to name a few!

This is an indication that young creative individuals are putting themselves in positions of strength and getting blockaded by police.

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