Watch the powerful visual for KOJEY RADICAL – OPEN HAND

When a Youtube visual has ‘Warning: May cause photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.’ You know it will be a special vid. Kojey Radical releases the visual for Open hand. With him doing alot of performing int he visual. After premiering it at the tate the official visual directed by The Rest portrays social struggle and us going out of our own way to achieve it.

placed in the description for all to understand :

The visual introduces Kojey in a slave state, broken and visibly worn out. The space is baron and video rarely cuts, forcing you to focus on Kojey’s rising and passionate performance. As the lyrics grow in confidence, ushering in ideas of social separation through class and race, you see Kojey at his most aggressive; dripping in opulence and melanin. Eventually he returns back to his original posture, suggesting Kojey may still feel the status of slavery in some facet.

Watch the video here

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