Watch the video from Rebecca Garton – Always

The British songstress Rebecca Garton is back with her latest release Always.

The petite beauty looks the part and certainly sounds it to! She showcases her vocal abilities throughout the song, managing to showcase variety in such a short space of time, youre preview to her soft tones, powerful voice with the richness of melodies provided be her singing. 

Always is edgy, filled with instrumentals, background vocals and beats. Accompanied by her subtle yet powerful voice, what a dope mixture!

The song is a great feel, a dope turn-up song. Definitely one for the ladies to be dancing to!

Always is sweet, fun, refreshing and very well concocted!

Rebecca is very talented, and personally I look forward to hearing more from her, if Always is anything to go by. Bring on more as her EP ‘Take Me Home’ is on the way

You can add this to your collection and can watch the video below

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