Watch the video from Cadet – Closure

In a day and age where ‘millennials’ find it very hard to concentrate on one thing for more that 30 seconds, I am impressed by Cadet’s ability to keep his audience captured and glued to their seats for a 7-minute song.

It’s not easy to captivate storytelling at such an intensity which is accompanied by a dope beat! But rapper Cadet did just that with his latest release Closure.

Closure is Raw! Both lyrically and visually. Filmed in its simplest form. It is literally Cadet himself with a black background, no glamour just himself telling a story.

As an audience, unaware whether the story is indeed real or not, you’re gripped by every word as the story gets deeper and darker.  The sound of his voice, the various tones that flow perfectly on each beat, told graphically, he holds nothing to the imagination!

Because of the way in which the story is told, you’re able to visualise each and every bar spewed.

Closure, is though provoking, filed with emotional splurges! Stories of love, lies and betrayal.

The beat is intense but still a vibe, despite the great production, it does not distract from story itself. That is testament to Cadet’s amazing ability to deliver a powerful message but still reminding everyone that he has bars!


The ending will give you goosebumps! Watch and listen to the song below


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