Watch the video from CR Blacks – Potential Ft. Bobii Lewis & Knucks

For his first single and the lead track off of his EP procescco Black CR Blacks decided to give us a clean visual for Potential featuring Bobii Lewis & Knucks. The calm smooth talking bars definitely needed an equally clean and smooth video which you can watch in full below.

We got to listen to tape ahead of release and talk to CR about the process behind the video.

“From the moment the song was finished, I knew what I wanted the video to look like and what sort of image I wanted people to see me in. Considering this is may be seen as my “debut” single, I feel like it’s important for me to give something that’s a got a theme and strays away from the norm. I met up with Tania Nwachukwu and Dir. Lx, I told them what I wanted the theme to be rooted in a native West African home, Tania really helped me to bring it to life. From the props down to the set design, I think she nailed it. Each scene, is essentially in a different room with bold colours and small details that people might not see the first time round but over time they will.

CR has been consistent with his project releases and as quick as music is consumed he even had to make changes before the full drop to make sure its recieved with the biggest impact:
”The new project has changed quite a bit since I’ve played it to you!! However, the aim of it is still is the same and that’s to introduce a new sound to today’s landscape. I’d like to think it’s a complete project with a lot of substance, that people will gravitate to. That’s always been the hardest part for me, to make music that’s meaningful but delivered in a way that suits todays requirements…and I think I’ve achieved that now. I’ve got great production and features on there that’ll push the project to where it needs to go.”

UK Hip hop is going to be very dominant in October and with so many modifications of the genre and understanding the authenticity regardless of the sound

think that hip-hop has evolved in so many directions nowadays, I feel like it has sub-genres that are still under the hip-hop umbrella. All Rap/hip-hop is real Rap/hip-hop, just because it sounds different or created in a different process, that doesn’t make it any less authentic. The line between rap & hip-hop is blurrier than ever anyway lol. To bring it home, I like good music and I love hip-hop, so if it’s good music I mess with it because good music is undeniable.

Collectively he has Slocal in his corner and as as they build with the events merch as well as the music and its the individuals that make up the team that understand the impact they want to give in music:
“With SLOCAL I aim to impact more than just music, we’re really a lifestyle brand that’s been centred around music cause that’s how we get into it. Through events, fashion, brand collaborations we’re trying to make a name for ourselves on a daily basis and I think that we’re doing it in an unorthodox way. There’s no right or wrong way but there’s always a way to do it differently and our way is organic to us. The music will do most of the talking and the videos will put us on the map for sure. The 4th quarter of 2017 is about to get very busy and exciting. A lot of things are coming up, so keep an eye out on us.”

You can get Potential on your playlists now and enjoy the video here:

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