Watch the video from JD CLIFFE – COME AGAIN

The mellow JD Cliffe gives us the video to this new single ‘Come Again’. showing how the right vibe can really make great music. Chilled production and made a chorus you will sing back by your self or in a crowd full of people.

We Spoke to JD about how rappers are now becoming singers and what is takes for him to make some good music and how streaming has helped his fanbase:

Do you think we have got to a place where rappers have to be able to sing as well as rap?

I don’t necessarily think all rappers need to be able to sing as well as rap but I feel like every rapper should definitely try and push the boat out in terms of how creative they are with their art, whether that be melodies or coming up with new flows. Just anything to separate themselves from another rapper.

The video for the track shows you and your peoples in the vibe to create a track how was this song created?

The video for Come Again was actually shot by my friend Brendon and it was his first time behind the camera, the idea of it was really just to capture good vibes in natural settings. I didn’t want any staged interactions with the camera just real laid-back honest footage. The track came about in like 30 minutes in the studio, I had already written the lyrics at home so just laid them down on the mic.

What are the essentials you need to create a song?

The most essential elements are probably a good beat and some heart/character from the vocalist. Once those things are mixed together a good song is born. This can come in many shapes and sizes.

How has playlists helped fans, new and returning keep up with your drops?

Playlists have been a good way of gaining new fans that wouldn’t have necessarily heard my music before. With returning fans I guess it just give them something to cheer about and be happy the music they champion is reaching new ears! It’s a win win.

Watch the video to Come Again:

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