Watch the video from King Grizz – If I Die

This is King Grizz’s most lavish visual to date and wanted to have a true message with it in a bittersweet sense.

The track talks of if he ever was to pass because of the life of the road, not to ride for him as many woukd claim they would do but use his loss as a lesson to better thier situation and that is his prespective in life.

“I want people to get an all round perspective of the streets because these days I feel like most rappers are quite one sided with their story telling. I’m trying to give you the ups and downs the smiles and the frowns.”

The West London rapper draws so much inspiration from his side of the city and wants to be one of the few rappers they have making a mark.
“It’s very important to me, it’s actually one of the reasons why I started rapping. There was a lack of rappers from west growing up and I just wanted to put west on the map and I’m just happy to see the abundance of talent at the moment”.

Working a lot with West London great and friend, Angel he sees the work rate needed to prosper in the music world.
“Being around Angel can only inspire you; he is the most hard working person I know and probably the most talented, I’ve just learned that no matter where you are in the industry you gotta keep in the studio and keep working”

He wants this visual to show that the rest leading up was just a warm up and now its full steam ahead abd you going to feel what he has to say.
“When I recorded the track it just had this feel it felt raw to me. Me and my team thought about what song to run with first and it was a no brainer it had to be “if I die” so it was only right we pulled out all the stops.”

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