Watch this short film with young people finding meaning – SAPIENS

This is a short film that everyone young person regardless of what your doing can relate to and R.M Moses created this with the main idea to spark ideas regardless of who you can side with in this film.

A group of soul searching best friends are constantly seeking for their purpose in life. Being the type of people they are, they are victims to their own routine, feeling bored, wanting more. Exploring each others ideas about love, theories about life and questioning religion, the group of friends seem lost and confused with their current situations. Plagued by indecision, the fear of failing and not having a legacy, the group of friends feel hard done by. Is it God’s will? Is there a bigger plan at hand? All these questions have answers, but it will come at a cost. As we follow them on a typical night out, its not long until they find out that this is no ordinary night. The group of friends don’t know it, but what they are about to stumble on, will change their lives forever. The quest for meaning, the quest for purpose, has only just begun.

Watch SAPIENS here:

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