Watch the video from JaJa Kisses – Give Up

We Introduced you to JaJa Kisses last year and we also gave you an insight to her debut EP Young Fashioned last year and told you that it wouldn’t be the last we said to wouldn’t be the last time we saw her

The visuals for Jaja’s latest video release is extremely creative and full of colour and graphic excellence.
Give Up has a variety of pictorials that are both insightful to Jaja’s musical journey in the Form of mini documented clips. Other special and intimate touches are apparent, such as behind the scenes and onstage footage, the ocassional clip of her goofing around with her friends and members of her circle some we may may know also.
Visually Give Up is inspiring, nostalgic and a nice short film.
Aside for spectacular imagery, the song is soulful, Jaja’s voice is tranquil yet mesmerising. The Beat is tantalising, accompanied by Instrumentals that resemble the tamberine. Lyrically relatable, yet tragic. A tale of Love, the non-reciprocated type, fighting for a love that is defeated. She sings beautifully with her soothing voice uttering the words ‘All I wanted to do was love you’, followed by ‘You ain’t shit, you ain’t ever been shit’.
Give Up is Raw and honest, and visually stunning

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