We won’t forget our User–Name

If you didn’t already know, we have a bit of a thing for jackets, so when we see a brand that makes dope and unique jackets we’re instantly hooked! Designers Diablo and Marilyn, owners of brand User–Name cooked up a brilliant ‘parachute’ jacket aptly named the Mondrian, inspired by the painter himself, Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan and his formula of primary colours named ‘De Stijl’.

User–Name’s jackets come in cream, black, and red, and feature extended fabric reminiscent of the old days of punk-rock clothing. They are unisex, and would definitely be the main piece in any outfit. We hope there will be more from User–Name in this Mondrian theme as it is unique and complements any wardrobe. The jackets are reasonably priced at £100 (explains why they’re currently sold out) given that they could be mistaken for the product of a high-end brand!

Currently, we think of User–Name as a well kept secret but something tells us it won’t be long till they blow up, which we don’t mind as long as they give us the “password” so we’re always in the loop on their releases (and restocks)! Don’t be surprised if you see us in a Mondrian jacket at the next London Fashion Week! This is one User–Name we won’t forget!

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