We’re A Fan Of Them

So you already know Siobhan Bell is one of our favourite DJs and fashionistas, so when she uploads a pic we’re expecting a fire fit, but we weren’t prepared for this new brand. The Fan Of  is a brand that pays homage to non other than R&B icon Aaliyah, by creating sportswear inspired pieces. The brand is the brainchild of designer Elle Azdhari and stylist Cristina Aranda-Garzon.

Whilst we’ve seen Tees dedicated to various RnB greats, this a first to see pieces created in the style of the artist. Its no secret that Aaliyah was every bit a fashion icon as she was an artist, and The Fan Of reflect this effortlessly.

From the bombers to the denim jackets, each piece oozes style!  We weren’t surprised to see The Fan Of being stocked in Selfridges, as that is exactly the place for these well made pieces. You can be sure to consistently serve looks in any of the items. Personally we’d get the ‘Babygirl 79’ crewneck and pair with red patent leather thigh highs! The brand’s clothing allows you to be able to dress up or down in true Aaliyah style.

We would love to see some accessories from The Fan Of, such as bandanas or even overalls. This is a brand we hope to see a pop-up from as you can guarantee the music, clothing, and vibes will be right! The Fan Of has created a brand that ensures Aaliyah’s legacy lives on, in style.

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