What can I do to push my music out more?


Please remember, you DO NOT need a record deal in order to push your music to the masses.

Not knowing how to push your music out to your market is a commonality amongst lots of underground and new musicians, being on platforms that aren’t beneficial to you seem to be the biggest hindrance.

For example, if you are a rapper/MC, putting out music on Instagram is slightly counter productive, being it’s not the greatest listening platform, Youtube/Facebook and even twitter would work better for this type of art.

Top tips:

  1. Get acquainted with the music bloggers, research what they do and reach out to them. Some bloggers won’t blog your genre of music but they’ll pass on your info to a blogger who does.
  2. Follow other peoples’ work, and let them know if you like it. This way, it will make it easier to introduce your music to them and avoid the awkward ice breaker.
  3. When you pitch your music to people, be professional with it. It’s important to tailor what you say depending on who you’re talking to!
  4. Grammar is fundamental. Grammar is fundamental. Grammar is fundamental, I cannot stress this enough, know the difference between their, there and they’re, especially if you’re writing your own press packs.
  5. Put aside money to go towards PR, it’s expensive if you want the job done properly but definitely worth the money.

Facebook is heading towards the video gone viral direction in my opinion, if I was an artist, I would start using Facebook and building up my connections on that platform now, so when it comes to releasing a video, more people are likely to share it via their Facebook.

“A year or two from now, we think Facebook will be mostly video,” – Ted Zagat.

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