What makes a Classic Album?

With talk of quick hits vs albums passing through the timeline it showed us the best A&R to this day, is the people as they don’t filter thoughts and the ones actually buying/streaming then product. We will be getting more albums this year from artists from the UK than we did last year especially debuts and it will be the people who will judge and put their views on these upcoming records. Of course the question is who will be delivering an absolute classic and the question we are discussing; what consists of a classic album?

When you feel like a classic is on the way we get an abundance of fans and artists both seasoned and new that appreciate everything from instrumentation, production, features even down to the artwork as the world of streaming has made that process easier to consume you can view, judge and share in a matter of taps . Now there is an added pressure to go from a first single to album instantly and what you see is that the album runs out of steam just to try to get a nice first week, the focus is on only one big single & try to hit a high peak but doesn’t actually work then forgot about and the ones that truly last and have become iconic milestones in musical history regardless of the accolades it received is collectively acknowledged, to the point where you can picture a classic album right now.

When it comes to the credentials of a classic album it could be from the right timing, authenticity, sentimental value and then holds a place in our lives as it could be a song there that will trigger and of course the music has to hit like you’ve never heard it before.

We could be here naming names of classic albums and be in debate endlessly but the question at hand is what actually makes an album a classic, and talking to a few who have been part of the process where a classic has been created, and celebrated by masses and it was very interesting to hear these two views from huge catalysts in music.

Ben Scarr of Neighbourhood Recordings told us:

There’s a lot of artists in the world and a lot of music in the world – but I guess what makes an album classic is an album made up of important tracks, songs that changed something or underpinned a moment in time. Very subjective and personal I guess but that’s my definition.

Reggie Kerr of Myish kept it very simple but also holds a lot of weight :


However you want to weigh up, an album for an artist is the best way to represent yourself and your musical journey to that point, regardless if its your debut or your farewell. It shouldn’t just be the thought of a money grab as that classic album can be that campaign run and can propel you to musical greatness. For fans its the best way to identify with a favourite throughout the time you have their attention and if it connects the replay value is truly priceless.

Make sure that you have your credentials in check and not just following a wave when it comes to rating albums and especially when it comes to the question of  ‘can you name a classic album?’

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