What We Wear brought the Real World to the Runway! 

Day 1 of London Fashion Week Mens – and what a starter it was too! The show of the day for us, undoubtedly had to go to What We Wear by Tinie Tempah. The 2pm show was eagerly awaited, drawing in a diverse crowd of all ages.

We could go on about the crazy fits we saw outside 180 The Strand however, inside was where it really went off! The show kicked off with a short film showing a number of people answering questions in what they wanted to be in life with an array of jobs being mentioned. This caused us to an take an introspective view of what we wanted to do and whether we have got there or not… a surreal moment for us.
Shortly after the catwalk began it became clear that What We Wear would not dissapoint.  While last the S/S 17 collection gave us suave sportswear, this collection showed a real sense of growth for the brand. Tinie experiments with new materials from thick wool to Suede. He also showcases the use of bright colours such as orange and the clever printing of the WWW logo on jumpers and trousers. The pieces appear to mimic the essence of London from the orderly structure of the clothing to the suitability of the attire for british weather.

The models casted, delivered the brand excellently, each stride showing the full breadth of Tinie’s creativity with strong walks from Shamel KendrickMontell Martin and even musician Yxng Bane! This collection felt centred on the modern man and his attire for the real world and any eventuality it brings.

We can’t imagine the level of planning that went into bringing such well structured pieces together and pulling off this show so a huge congratulations to Tinie and the team, notably Kelly & Bisola. What We Wear brilliantly highlights Tinie’s ability to manifest a dream through hard graft and bring it to the real world for real people. We can’t wait for the collection to be released as it’s sure to be seen everywhere.

A special thank you to Zac Des for the photography!

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