What Is a ‘Cheap 50’?

I am very happy to introduce to you a UK brand which I feel is at the peak of originality, from the actual way the brand started to the name and how the price ranges within their products. Cheap 50’s was founded in the summer of 2013 VERY randomly, the group of 5 friends who were leaving a Boardmasters gig were approached by a group of kids offering them something called ‘Cheap 50’s’, they had no idea what it was at the time so they said they were good and drove off. For the next 30 minutes of the car ride they were all puzzled trying to make out what exactly a ‘Cheap 50’ was and eventually curiosity got the better of them and they turned the car around and went back. They found the group of kids and they told them a Cheap 50 was a 50oz bag of Tobacco they were selling to make some extra cash as one of their parents had come back from the Caribbean with tonnes of Tobacco. One of the guys then said what a cool name that would make for a clothing brand and here we are today with Cheap 50’s.

Back to the present the brand has had a pretty impressive journey since the summer of 2013, collaborating with the likes of JME who actually drew the design for one of my favourite T-Shirts from the brand which I will put in a photo below. One thing that really caught my attention about Cheap 50’s was the price ranges within their products. T-Shirts can be found on the website for as cheap as ¬£6.25 and they have disregarded the celebrity endorsement JME has given them in order to give the customer a really cheap product. For that price there are no reasons not to grab one of these sick T-Shirts and I’ll put pictures of some of my personal favourites below. One thing I really like about this brand is how ‘clean’ they are as a brand and how much they take pride in this, they promote the fact that their products are not made in any ‘sweatshops’ and tested on themselves instead of animals. I feel this is really important and show appreciation to brands that take great consideration into the manufacturing of their products ensuring their customers are wearing organic products.


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You can find the full range of Cheap 50’s products on their website: www.Cheap50s.com

Follow them on Twitter: @Cheap50s Instagram: @Cheap50s

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