Why Julie Adenuga was the right choice for Beats 1

Julie on Apple’s Beats 1 radio was a smart move for apple and for the UK Scene

On the 30th June everyone was excited for the launch of the 24/7 uninterrupted radio show for apple product owners. Just before they did start the infinite show they announced 3 big faces of the brand, Zane Lowe, Ebro, & Julie Adenuga.


Many knew Julie as a drive time radio host at rinse FM and most recently as the owner and the presenter of Playit, which you can see on Channel AKA.

Since the first show Bonkaz  and Miraa May both have been played worldwide please don’t forget it. She is already a fan of the music she plays and had gone out of her way to put on these great talents thought her different mediums and will continue to. We Spoke to a couple people on Julie being in this position and:

Owner of grey wolf talent, Que said:

Julie is a testament to hard work paying off In one of the ultimate forms. And the doors she has opened not just in terms of shedding light on UK/London presenters but i feel internally it’s made me personally realize ANYTHING is achievable.

Sony press assistant and owner of Pow PR, Parris said:

I think it’s amazing. At least it’s someone who I really feel is understanding of the UK sound. I’m glad that she’s black & not just black but dark skinned & that apple decided to put urban music at the forefront of Beats 1. It’s ACTUALLY representative. She feels like your bredrin on radio playing all your favorite tunes rather than a manufactured presenter playing a playlist of music we HAVE to listen to. It’s music we WANT to listen too.

I think it goes to show the influence and ground we’re making with UK music.

GRM Daily editor, New Gen curator Caroline SM believes she is ‘the best person for the job’

NANG Selection host Ralph Hardy said ‘Julie is a part of the Truth, if she wins we all do!’

She has a lot of support from the UK and many now know that Julie can put on a riser at any time.

Also her being on the show is inspiring to allow other show to reach that level now imagine Nang selection on Beats 1 or The Certified show on Beats1 that is the hope she is giving these specialist shows.

So again congrats to her and go get Beats 1 to hear her, you know , if you got an new apple product updated.




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