#WirelessFest 2016 Line up released and caused a MADNESS

Wireless announced their lineup for their festival from the 8th-10th July and the line up caught everyones opinion with the Line up seeming upset for many!

The focus has been put on the UK talent we have had here and many getting the deserving call up where many may think ‘Why is this person here?’

Firstly, Congrats to Nadia Rose, Geko, Yungen, WSTRN, Section Boyz, Lady Leeshur and even with a quiet hiatus Bugzy Malone will be rocking the place along side headline acts Calvin Harris, J Cole, Future, Boy Better Know, Kygo & many more but many felt like that anticipation wasn’t the one wireless was expecting:



Just to pick a shocking few

A lot of strong comments but even though many can say they aren’t happy this line its a strong line up with one of the Countries best and the group with the biggest song of the year even though it came out at the end of last year and with Krept & Konan on that line up, ANYONE could come out!

Its a UK Festival in London and its right to have the many flying the flag for the country with BOY BETTER KNOW closing the show!

You never know who could be added to the line up also so who would you have on the line up?


Tickets go live 9Am Friday 11th March

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