Wray and Nephew got the juice!

On Wednesday, Jamaican rum brand Wray and Nephew put on an event to celebrate the launch of their pop up store in East London. We knew we’d be getting some carribean flavour but what we got was even better! The venue was designed in the style of a Jamaican Yard Shop, with fruit and veg, seasoning and other food on display while tunes were blaring. Three Halves did a fantastic job with this event, from the warm patties to the jerk chicken and coleslaw, they provided an authentic experience.

Ofcourse the drinks of choice were all Wray and Nephews infused cocktails and well, if you’ve had Wray and Nephews before, you’ll know how deadly that can be. The second half was what you would expect walking into a Jamaican home. Sitting in the “living room” looking at walls adorned with lyrics to Jamaican songs, records by Jamaican artists, and fighting the urge to play dominoes, this made for a relaxing environment to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while.

Of course for us, the first place we rushed to was the clothing rail filled with T-shirts and hoodies that will be sold at the pop up till the 21st of October! We also spotted Totes and Hats. The vibrant green and yellow logo print made us wish it was Carnival again. It’s not often you get a drinks company making clothing but Wray and Nephew have done it well, and produced some quality merchandise that take us back to the islands.

The detail that went into The Yardshop doesnt stop there, as the pieces come in bold yellow box and additional Wray and Nephew wrapping. At £20 a piece (for T shirts) this is more than worth it! We hope to see more from Wray and Nephew in the future. They say you are what you eat, maybe its you are what you drink, because right now we are Wray and Nephew brand lovers.

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