Did WSTRN just drop the tracklist to their new project?!!

Lets not lie since WSTRN came out the gate it has been banger after banger and the one question on many have said ‘they only have that one song, can they do it again though?’ but since that one track made it ‘Certified Gold’ in the charts they have battled back that statement with banger after banger both for the streets and for the charts and they have said that they ‘Make music that is feel good’ music that they want to make.

Officially declaring it #WSTRNSeason at the start of this week the West London collective have given us two songs & a video in the form of Social & On The Go.

WSTRN member Haile hit the other fellas with this tweet:


The tweet just showed a tracklist of 14 tracks set in 3 different parts The Party, The Hood & The Bedroom all WSTRN songs you haven’t heard yet! So the talk of one hit wonders will be thrown out of the window as they have been preparing and they are ready that WSTRN are here to stay for a while!

Question is when is it coming out……


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