You have to rate Jorja Smith in her part of the More Life Playlist

This weekend was quite busy with musical releases. The most anticipated being Drake’s More Life┬áPlaylist. The album offers everything from Hip Hop, House and the OVO R&B sound. It also features the UK vibe-setters which includes beautiful songstress Jorja Smith.

Jorja features on the song Get It Together. A song that is heavily influenced by South African House music. The beat and production is by DJ extraordinary, South African legendary producer, arguably the most prominent electronic music producer Africa has produced Black Coffee who has over 15 awards on the national and global front. The Durban native created a sound that is chilled, yet something you’d dance too.

The beat is exciting, enticing and an overall feel good tune! When listening to it, you feel a powerful calming energy. Jorja’s voice is a great addition to the beat. Her beautiful vocals flow seemingly over the beat.

Drake himself features lightly towards the end, with his staple flow which we love and to have you with notes open in order to have the captions at the ready

Congratulations to Jorja for making the cut, on an album that features heavyweights from the hometown.

Listen to Get It Together below:




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