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1Figures Trucker hat adds to their collection of great headwear

1Figures add to their quality headwear collection and dropped trucker hats in multiple colourways.

The cap itself:

Premium foam panel 

1FIGURES embroidered 

Mesh netting 

One size fits most 

Clip closure 

Catching up with the founder Chris Figures he talks on the journey of the headwear pieces made up to now:

"Throughout the years, 1FIGURES have gone over and beyond with creating great headwear. Whether that be suede on the outer side, with silk on the inside to preserve precious hair. It’s always been an area at 1FIGURES that has constantly evolved from the start. The inspiration behind the the trucker caps, was quite simple. We wanted to create stylish, colour headwear to be worn by both women & men and show off a different style cap then we’ve done before."

The colours were very stand out and noticed that they could go with a lot of sneaker drops currently and some you may have in the back of the collection. Asking Chris about this is said:

'I’m a huge footwear fan myself, but when designing I didn’t design with footwear in mind. I just wanted to create colour combinations that challenged wardrobes and allowed for you to step out of comfort zones. Although luckily they work well with a lot of footwear.'

Head to the Headwear section on 1Figures to see which ones you'll be adding to your collection.

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