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[Audio] Teddy Reiss - Lowkey

An production with guitar that sounds like a soundtrack for a long journey, Teddy Reiss drops Lowkey; a testament to all that he has been through and the mindset it has out him in. The south-East London artist who was actually on course to be an accountant but decided to follow his creative passion and also created the Rap Association C.I.C, using rap as a tool to educate, entertain and empower the local community. After facilitating rap workshops and producing custom rap songs for corporate events, Teddy turned his hand to songwriting and at that point, he decided to forge a rap career. To further his knowledge in music, Teddy went on to study Music Industry Practice - Creative Artistry at ACM Birmingham. He received the ACE Scholarship in 2019.

Making the impact effective to those he believed needed it.

He flows through this song with a very chill but direct tone with that bounce across each for you.

Listen to the song here and understand it's all about the work ethic

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