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Authentic fans of gaming and Anime are getting to the bag being themselves

We are starting to see inclusion within different industries and with gaming slowly now realising there are impactful black creators.

From growing powerhouses like NNESaga showing that it's impact over numbers instead of going to where the most followers are by default, to now twitch streaming bringing in high earning creatives and commentators.

As creators grows their communities, authenticity is always at the driving force for retention and expansion .

We talk to Banditsu aka Chickenessy in a very chill and relaxed manner about starting his content page which focuses on gaming, anime, film and sometimes food and how the nerd in him has made him creator, host, editor and his own promo team calling himself the 'Free Spirited Documentarian'.

How has making your brand grow in the world of gaming been?

Great question tbh. I’ve still got alot of room to grow but it’s great the fact i can be myself whilst gaming or making content. It's almost like its expected of me at this point haha.

How can you describe your style in the gaming & anime spaces?

I actively am involved In front and behind the cam when it comes to anime and gaming, but I have a high use of memes at all times… if my content has made you laugh or even smile my job is done essentially. But when behind the cam shooting i have been told my shooting style is “Free Spirited Documentarian” whatever the hell that means lol.

Do you feel that they are opportunities in the gaming world or do they wait for your numbers?

Hmm… hard to say. Lets be real you could do music… game… or even Trap… Numbers are everything… I’d Rather it not be like that tho but I’d definitely say with Gaming there is alot less ego involved. It makes dealing with others and business that bit much more easier for sure! But if anyone relevant is reading this SEND OPPURTUNITY MY WAY ASAP! lol

You are actively at comic-con. What do you appreciate most when seeing all these characters?

For me its definitely seeing more and more Poc’s dress up. For the longest time there was a stigma about being a Black nerd (Blerd) but now all of a sudden we are cool haha. Im not mad at all though. I’m happy we are more in line with our authentic selves, and it means as Generations pass that stigma will disappear!

You cover movies, film, tv shows, anime, food as well as games would think your childhood would be a form of business?

This Is definitely something i was unaware could become a business as a child but its something i say to many of my friends and associates who are currently Parents. EMBRACE YOUR UTES GAMING SIDE!!!! If they get really good they could potentially earn dumb amounts of money and fund your retirement looool.

If there is a future release you want to cover and even partner with chickenessy in all those fields what would it be ?

Well it would have to be chicken or hennessy as its the first thing that comes to mind. But i could also see myself presenting for IGN or even Crunchyroll UK. Thanks to all the things i consume as a viewer its really given me a vast knowledge in to this world.

Tell us about the programme you are part of and you are all about to pitch to adidas?

Im currently Involved in a Night school run by an agency Called D and AD (in partnership with Google) Its called Shift and has seen us answer Breifs from Companies like Adidas, Penguin books and Guinness!

I just got back from my Adidas pitch funnily enough. But we proposed a creative concept to them.

IT was pretty surreal tbh… Ive always been a big Three stripe fan and a couple years back in my music days i wanted nothing more than to be sponsored by them. Life is strange….

Where can we watch your content ?

So Atm my is the best place to find full length Content.

But as of recent my best performing work visually has to be from Instagram and Tik Tok

I Guess peeps attention spans arent as resistant as they used to be…

Not that i can speak much lol.

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