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AyChibs merges AI & the matrix to create random and standout effects for the Izit video

Known for his unique effects and adding a bit of everything to create your not so typical visuals, AyChibs talks with us briefly on his direction he wanted to have with the visual to the track from Jelani Blackman track Izit Ft Kojey Radical. First off lets watched the video:

AyChibs told us :

For the Izit video I wanted to explore the idea of Jelani using his music as a means of protection from the “agents”, sort of inspired by the Matrix. In this case this was represented by the AI effects which slowly infiltrated the artists and their surroundings. These were my favourite shots to do because the AI generated visuals were so random. It truly is groundbreaking but yea kinda scary.

Keep up with all things AyChibs and make sure you get the song Izit if you were feeling it!


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