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Ashleigh Jadee talks tapping in her femininity & R&B on Kali Claire - Before the World Ends

Known for her impact in visuals in the UK rap world, Ashleigh Jadee wants her femininity represented more in her visuals and she finds herself getting to work with Kali Claire in her R&B song Before the World Ends. Before we talk to Ashleigh we thought you should take in the video

Tell us how you felt when you first heard the song?

The first time I heard the song was in December
First thoughts were 'Wow this girls vocals are different, super talented very R&B' giving a lot of old school RnB with modern twists.

You talk on wanting to direct more R&B music what wanted you to venture into that space?

I feel that I’ve done a lot of uk rap and listen to more R&B and gospel is my preference now it's great to be allowed to turn toward more that interests me and want to conquer more genre-wise and work with more within my femininity as I'm finding myself more and more on a personal level it's nice to translate it to my work.

Do you have any shots of the storyboard and key shots you really wanted?

I wanted a Halo set, giving a big bright light behind the artist and that came out great. A simple but effective and our DOP, Fola suggested a great way to execute that. We also drew references from summer walker's no love and colour styles from Ari Lennox, with the brown and golds Also adding Kali influence and personal touch and put her record player, and her Alicia keys vinyl in the visual.

What are your favourite shots of the video?

I loved all the set ups, there is one just before the first chorus in the mirror and it’s a low angle panning into Kali and gave a great music video shot. Love the whole video truly. A whole black crew and it was great to have my mentees involved in the visual all six playing pivotal roles!

Check out this BTS vid also here:

Grab Before the world ends here

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