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Central Cee - No More Leaks

The popularity of West London’s Central Cee saw hackers get to his phone and preview some possible upcoming music but not one to fumble a bag bundled up all needed and started with his lead single One up as a visual then said that midnight EP dropping.

With only four songs you can see what point he is at in his career, balancing the experiences given from global superstardom vs the experiences he had on the way there and the repercussions from it.

Talking about people close he lost even in the most surprising of circumstances but putting his name on was a great gesture and now his name is there forever.

A lot of growth in his topic talking about survivors guilt making more than his parents life savings on one show, evidence that at times it can get overwhelming.

This is to show that nothing is going to slow him down not even a leak, just adjust and live yours!

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