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Che Lingo - Coming Up For Air

Che Lingo has entered a new phase in his music and as his star grows, he is met with new lessons and revelations and articulating this in his latest offering Coming Up For Air shows the little glimpses of success he is able to see as he as evolved.

Putting a lot of his principles in this album starting off with the power of the tongue letting us know what the focus is this year. Very honest with his lyrics and one thing that truly stuck throughout the album is that Che Lingo as an artist has healed with his music and for an artist and at times its forgotten that as much as he pours into his fans the artist feels depleted. A powerful realisation and topic that a lot will understand.

A focused feature list with the likes of Queen, Kojey Radical, Jordan Mackampa & WIINston shows the focus he has put into who he wasn't to be vulnerable.

Having legendary names, new voices and ones that seem to just compliment every time they connect. It's an album that will realign your focus and also remind you that you need time ready up for the next step in whatever you have coming and this is your soundtrack to grow your focus.


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