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Che Lingo - MY RADIO feat. Queen & Roger Taylor

Using legendary vocals to someone making legendary steps in his own right, Che Lingo dedicated this piece to his grandmother and talks on the powerful bond they had.

The story telling lyricist pours out his soul and give us a real piece of himself. Teaming up with Queen & Roger Taylor placing a Radio gaga sample in this emotive piece.

His message:

This song is for anyone who's lost someone they loved.

My Grandmother showed me God and Grace in everything, so losing her before getting to have one last convo was heavy, even to this day. Just through our conversations, | learned so many unique life lessons that had been staring me in the face for years. Ultimately she guided me in a big way and always gave me room to be myself and make mistakes. Everything with my Grandmother came from a place of genuine love and I pray I can reach such a place spiritually and mentally and use that to continue to make it feel possible to follow the sincerity and purpose she and so many of our respective late family and friends had for us.

I'm both humbled and deeply empowered as a musician and an person to be able to see this tribute to her come to life so vividly.

Thank you to everyone listening, supporting and creating with me. You mean the world and it's not possible without you

A special thank you to Roger Taylor & Queens team for allowing us to use Freddie's amazing and legendary vocal stems, to my management & team for all their hard work to Jack Freeguard and the TXY team and finally to the RealDreams team for bringing this to fruition with such sensitivity and poise.


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