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ENNY - We Go again EP

ENNY goes again! This EP come off the back of some impressive singles and build up to this 6 track project.

The low toned lyricist, is such a relaxing artist to listen to.This body of work is stories of how things are progressing while navigating through life from a peng black woman’s perspective.

Listening to this tape reminds me not to just put ENNY in the conscious rapper category. She is a realist, her artistry will be a catalyst that shapes future generations of Black British women.

Songs like No more Naija Men, shows that she deals with boy trouble and 2am in Central makes you remind that sometimes you want to just want to go out and do enjoyment with no worries.of course champagne problems where she displays her lyrical class.

The creative doesn’t want to to be put in a box, they want to create.


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