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Gemma K: Perfectly Perfect Love Life Season 2

Updated: May 2

Meet Gemma K, a quirky and awkward hopeless romantic in her desperate attempts to find love. Although heavily in denial, her personal experiences mirror the struggles that many single women face in the hopes of finding “Mr right”; he’s just nowhere to be found.

The new season starts off with Gemma letting us know how things have been since we have last seen her, she and an old flame returned in actor Stefan asante-boateng. The Issa Rae similar style to her breakout series, awkward black girl makes this watch is fun and funny as we have been getting small skits from creator Hemah K in the build up to this drop and slowly becoming a character stamped in UK culture.

Follow Gemma on this journey across 4 episodes and will update each new one here

Watch Ep 2 here:

Episode 3

Episode 4

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