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Jaz Karis - DEAR JAZ

Jaz Karis has given us another EP in 'Dear JAZ' and these songs may hit home as these topics will be relatable for many that listen.

“I made this music thinking they’re just songs when, really, my subconscious was doing much of the talking,”

With each of the title names in bold capitals and getting straight to the point there is a song that will hit home and each story will make you feel and that this is a statement in itself.

The BRIT School alumnus has only one feature and Kojey Radical’s intro gives a great start to this EP.

The title of the EP definitely makes sense as it feel like it’s not just for the people it is like she is talking to herself and made this as a reference point whenever she need that prompt.

You will definitely resonate with COMPLICATED & OPTION

My stand out track is Come outside! It’s basically two songs because the way it sounds at the start could be its own version and the second part could also stand on its own and hope Jaz reads this so we could get that!

Jaz has a Strong EP game and more than excited to see where she is about to take it next

Listen to Dear Jaz


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