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Jazmyne Ricketts give us The Sound of the UK: R&B Edition

It's great to see so many wanting R&B in the UK be more appreciated, celebrated and heard more and with the calibre of music it really should be.

Jazmyne Ricketts decided to create a playlist series called The Sound of The UK and lead with the R&B edition allowing us to get a glimpse into the music she feels represents the genre.

Tell me about the Sound of the UK and some of your favourites from this playlist?

The Sound Of The UK: R&B Edition is a carefully curated selection of the best in British R&B. From soulful sounds to old school vibes, this playlist showcases the depth and diversity of the UK R&B scene. Listeners will be taken on a musical journey, discovering sounds that encompass the spectrum of British R&B.
A few of my favourites from this playlist would probably be ‘Jaz Karis’, JVCK JAMES , Kaleem Taylor, Bellah and an upcoming artist called Neya.

Do you feel as if playlists have replaced word of mouth the way we end up finding new acts to become fans off?

In some ways, I do think that playlists have become a major way for people to discover new artists. With the proliferation of streaming services, it's now easier than ever to access curated playlists featuring fresh music from across the globe. This means that we no longer need to rely solely on traditional word-of-mouth to find new tunes - instead, we can use playlists compiled by experts in the industry who know exactly what and who is worth listening to.
I've found some of my favourite UK R&B acts through specialised playlists and I'm sure many others have too. Word of mouth is still an important source for discovering new music and artists, but playlists are certainly a close second!

Tell me more about you wanting to gain traction toward the UK R&B genre?

Absolutely!I have always been passionate about music and, in particular, the R&B genre and I think UK R&B has so much to offer, and it's a real shame that it's not always appreciated on the same level as other genres. That's why I'm passionate about gaining traction for this style of music. The Sound of the UK R&B edition playlist  is an amazing collection of some of the best R&B tracks from across the country, which I believe can help to highlight its diversity and untapped potential. By spreading these incredible songs to a larger audience, it could have a real impact in terms of gaining increased exposure and recognition for UK R&B artists. Additionally, it will also help to inspire future talent who will hopefully continue to drive this scene forward.

As a social media manager what key tip would you give any R&B artist in the UK looking to gain more eyes on their great music ?

When it comes to grabbing people's attention and standing out in the crowded music scene, an upbeat, fun tone is always a great choice for R&B artists! Put your own spin on trends that capture the essence of your song and focus on connecting with other fans through playful content. Also, don't be afraid to post behind-the-scenes video or audio clips of yourself as you are producing your music. Doing this will help create a deeper connection with your audience and keep them coming back for more!


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