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Jordy & Elt Cheeks - If I Couldn’t Rap I wouldn’t Rap

Jordy NOT Jordan knows that he can rap and what Loonz calls, a Mix-album created with Elt Cheeks shows their lyrical class and if you go back to 'Die 4 the bro' on Jordy's first project, he was the only feature and that should say something; but this project is a bars clinic!'

Hosted by No behaviour, Margs & Loonz and they host it perfectly with an intro I expected! (bet you start seeing your favourite podcasters hosting tapes now) then hearing Jordy and Elt Cheeks just go in.

Making sure that they got punches that will have you dizzy. Double entendres that even had Margs like 'na did you hear that?' Even went over Loonz head on one.

The pair just compliment all throughout song after song, didn't matter what the beat was. Story after story and you know and all you wanna say after each song is FACTS.

A vibe with each song. One song will have you ready to go outside with the Bally and one will make you run to your phone to wheel it because why did he say that!

Pounds & Euros will be the one that will be a fan favourite and expect it on your radios playlists it had a bounce that will bop your head.

Even got their vocal game going in Batman.

Of course high energy tracks and 10 Toes these went wild with that one line flow.

This is a rapper's rapper tape and a lot of them will be in their inbox hailing them up.

In true filthy fella manner Jordy let us his know his performance on this tape:

Good game, important 3 points. Myself and my strike partner put in a very good shift. It was the spirit of Dwight and Andy

Salute to the two of them. Make sure you are listening to this via Apple Music

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