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Kadeem Tyrell & James Vickery - Since You've Been Gone

Kadeem Tyrell and James Vickery's R&B slow jam, "Since You've Been Gone," is a breathtaking showcase of their sensational vocal talents. With every note, they effortlessly captivate listeners, evoking raw emotions and stirring hearts. Tyrell's velvety-smooth voice intertwines seamlessly with Vickery's soulful crooning, creating a harmonious blend that leaves a lasting impact. Their impeccable control and range are on full display, as they navigate the song's heartfelt lyrics with conviction and sincerity. "Since You've Been Gone" serves as a testament to the duo's remarkable artistry, reminding us of their unwavering commitment to delivering music that resonates deep within our souls. With this collaboration, Tyrell and Vickery prove themselves as true vocal powerhouses, leaving us eagerly awaiting their next masterpiece or maybe a joint EP...


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