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Kadiata – Journey

Kadiata dropped this single with quite some intention he wanted you to understand the lyrics before dropping the visual. The one line that stands out is ‘I’m gonna be the one to save me, I’m my wonderwall’

Focusing on the journey not the destination is the mind-set and theme of Kadiata’s new wave of songs and this one is perfect timing.

An introspective track with a great looking video directed by Reece Selvadorai.

With some cameos in support its looking like Kadiata is heading into the new year with a lot of focus and direction and will be enjoying the journey.

Sending a special thanks to:

Moses - Wall Street Mafia Joe bay - Artist Ira Alecia - SNM Management Knucks - Artist Rellik Tha Don - Presenter Hunch - Artist Ibrahim Kamara - GUAP Junior - Blanguage Samuel Eni - Presenter Miles from kinshasa - Artist 4stringsz - Violinist Temz - Artist Geno - Producer Kofi Stone - Artist Ede - @ede_ep Shamiya battles - Artist

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