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Kojey Radical’s homecoming gave all a reason to smile

This was a show that was suppose to be at an earlier date but the phrase 'everything happens for a reason' couldn’t be a more fitting as the mercury nomination nod and venue upgrade had a packed out Brixton academy on the London stop of his UK tour, excited to see Kojey Radical get to it.

With his amazing band giving him the intro he needed he arrived in style (cashmere of course) and was greeted with full embrace.

Making use of the great lighting rigs on the venue and a spotlight on him the whole night. The energy was felt all night and with the amazing backing vocalists taking it there every time you thought they couldn’t they all sending chills!

Performing from two albums and with special guests on the night including Lex Amor, Che Lingo, Cashh and Knucks for the encore, Kojey shared the stage with close friend Kwoli Black playing second striker and telling the crowd that one day he will on this stage having his own unforgettable moment of performing at Brixton Academy.

So many of the crowd also connected with his message on mental health and receiving an ovation showed me how many he touches with his art.

One again hailing up his mother and mother of his son Rachel Ama flexing proudly!

I reminded Kojey of his first headline show in Hoxton hall, he said:

‘Hoxton Hall. Fuccckk. Look how far man. Look how far’

Would I go to another Kojey Radical show ? YES

Would I recommend others seeing Kojey live? Absolutely

Make sure you listen to his Mercury Prize nominated album Reason To Smile on your favourite platform.


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