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Listen to E. Mak - Let Them Know

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

‘Let Them Know’ by E. Mak is a project for the people.

Mr Cool and conscious has brought his latest offering in this project titled 'Let Them Know'.

E. Mak is one of the realest rappers out. We get the full body of work off the back of a emotional time.

Personally growth and understanding of self awareness and lessons and perspective and this tape definitely has found that balance of cool and conscious and embodies that throughout the tape.

Tell us the process when making this project?

Music is my means of communication to the world. 1IN2 is one of my purest, most vulnerable releases to date. When I made this track it was not made to release, it was completely just a form of expression.. however when I showed my mum (the person who it's about) - she said to release it, her words were "You said it yourself. 1 in 2 people may be affected. Let them know they're not alone." Making this project is an extension of that message, in my way. I am speaking on many different struggles and joys in life with an aim to empower people and let them know they're not alone. Each song highlights a message whether it be to be Great (Greatness), love others (Love Me), accept that life is a journey (Journey) and so on!

Collaborations included working with Sevyn, a great upcoming artist, the process of this song was one of my favourites, Says E. She doesn't yet realise how good she is! Great to enter the room with nothing and leave with a piece of art. I've worked with Diggy Ustle & Big Zeeks many times, we're all confident artists and performers. Humble yet "bad." Stage shows are something we're all used to, this song allowed us to put that energy on to a slower, smoother beat. Lxsian is an artist I've worked with as an engineer years ago, a great talent who is soon to release more music. Very direct and uncut, her confidence shines on the track. ySo? is one of the most gifted rappers I know. He is lyrically gifted so to have him on the project is great for fans of lyrics and content. All collaborations were organic and fun creating.

Understand his process and listening to this full vibe via your favourite DSP

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