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Little Simz - NO THANK YOU

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Little Simz isn't holding back and like she says 'F*ck the politics. I'm going Megan on your neeks'.

Off the back of collecting all the praise for her classic and successful Mercury Prize winning album 'Sometimes I might be introvert' we get NO THANK YOU. This instant statement and after listening is simple, Simbi Ajikawo isn't here to conform, and her purpose is bigger than lining anyone's pockets and will not have belief in her self be swayed by anything. Every rule can get thrown out the window.

A royal type of sound Inflo created with Little Simz, which already to me makes this another classic. But the topic of pulling back the curtain and showing your the realness will make this probably one of the most important projects of her career thus far.

She is teaching you in this moment she is now free and isn't here to be controlled. Neither are you. When you are 'sold a dream' over a fancy dinner and shown a little misdirection you won't realise you are on a schedule and a three year tour and reaping the least off your hard working art.

Ten tracks and these are full songs (like 6-7 minute pieces of art) for you to really listen to these verses, Info's production, these instruments, these choruses and even Cleo Sol making an appearance is an indication that this was something personal and it will speak to your soul.

Touching on loss, love (both fake and real), control, friends, uplifting women, narratives, trust, belief, confidence, death, strength, purpose, mental health, family and delivering high quality music let's not forget because that is how's its being delivered to you, the pen level on this project is elite. The clarity in every word is there for a reason.

Little Simz is an artist you want your daughter to be listening to. We are seeing her confidence be refined. Proud of her finding freedom and power in her 'No'.

Watch the NO THANK YOU, The film

Listen to NO, THANK YOU however you listen to your music


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