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Mac Backwardz - Editor, Director

The Coventry-based rapper Mac Backwardz drops us 'Editor, Director'. The song is from his autobiographical album that covers all stages of a drug trip, with this track depicting the peak of a high before crashing down. 

At first you'd think it's just a recreational buzz but when explaining it, it's something very deep and something that happens in all communities:

“This [song] references a real point in my life 2 years ago when the doctor put me on numerous mental health drugs that shouldn't have been mixed together and led to a breakdown in my psyche.” He explains, “I like to think of this whole track as also representing the breakdown I suffered from, as it's very chaotic and doesn't hold the structure of a normal song.”

Rap from the midlands continues to make sure we listen and it grows everyday. Keep eyes out over there!


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