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[Review] Bellah - Adultsville

Artist : Bellah

Album: Adultsville

7 Song EP - “Track-List”:   




🎵In The Moment

🎵Evil Eye - Extended 


🎵Always Something 

Bellah’s EP Adultsville is a beautiful depiction of how adulthood can be, and the brutal realities of the journey. The singer is open, honest and transparent with all the trials and tribulations that a young adult faces.

Adultsville tackles a plethora of issues such as love, relationships with family friends and a partner, growing pains and the reality of being thrusted into adulthood. Her pen game is strong! Equally as strong is her vocals throughout, her ability to transition her voice and adapt the tones based on the topic and beat is ear pleasing! 

Adultsville is a beautiful project. It is necessary and very relatable!  

“I care about music and entertainment, and I’m intentional about recreating that feeling for others. We’re so quick to demonise that nothing good comes from the UK music-wise. But when we make good R&B it's really good – it's worldwide! I want people to see that we have good R&B artists in the UK, and I want to be one of the frontrunners.” - Bellah

Adultsville OUT NOW Go and Listen! 


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