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[Review] Capo Lee x El Londo - ‘Cost of Living’ EP

Updated: Feb 17

Having producers executive a project is important. They live with the sounds constantly and helped you put the art together sometimes as the artist the technique put into production isn't your focus and causes an ease for you to just focus on lyrics and performance. El Londo did a great job on production and allowed a great theme for the project.

Capo Lee teams up with El Londo to create a 7 track EP called Cost of Living. Knowing Capo for bars I didn't like that it was in the UK hip hop section to my shock but regardless, I turn to the art.

Bubbly flows and only a few features we get a realism into the current state of Capo.

Smoke & Mirrors which features ARZ gets a visual in what seems like the stand out track, with ARZ making noise in his own right it's great to see him getting the nod to drop a cold verse.

With a lot more talk than output in grime it's always important got to pay attention to the work over the noise & when it comes to it the fans just want music, I'm still calling Capo Lee a grime artist and put together a good EP!

Listen to Cost Of Living EP

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