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[Review] Mnelia - Closure Tapes

Updated: 4 days ago

This will be the first time listening to Mnelia, as this project built a lot of anticipation, that when listening I held it to a high quality standard, this project is quite a big deal and with all the checkpoints a good project consists of.

The theme is love & heartbreak in many ways the unconditional love and motivation from her child.

The love for music is apparent and your vocal cords are blessed!

Heartbreak from a very sudden break up in the middle the of tape. Listening to nuclear was a true tear jerker.

Love from her friends in the remix to genesis which was amazing especially standing next to three amazing songstress’s.

Hearing her state that she doesn’t believe in fairytale love also was powerful. Being a realist in her music can show you that the music created is true therapy for her.

You get the bubbly tracks in here like white lies which has Kwengface as the feature but this is what a great R&B project sounds like and it’s one that will be appreciated heavy this year.

‘Locked myself away in that studio for 18 months, with my baby on my hip & heartache on my back.
After it all, I can proudly say this EP is amazing.
Closure Tapes is out now, listen below. Promise, you won’t regret it.’

- Mnelia


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