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[Review] Shack Frost - Twelve Way Presents

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

In his second full project West London top hustler Shack Frost gives us Twelve way Presents, an introduction to his label and also shows his entrepreneurial mindset presenting his studio all all records was recorded in his studio.

The tape itself, is a hard hitting rap project with the theme of truth in his hustle. Giving real life accounts in early ages and the come up took hard work and dedication and using his studio is his therapy.

He features are authentic with representatives from his home town in Kid Tana who is causing waves himself, & go back to back with Light in the re-up (we need a part 2 by the word). Never hearing Chereyea Shine before gives a great hook on Hold you down.

Listen to this Real rap and get your motivation on, whatever you are hustling for.

listen via Spotify


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