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The Corteiz 99p market stall shakes the fashion world as the Guerilla tactic keeps them ahead

UK fashion is leading right now. How can I be wrong?

What fashion brand creator do you know that can get up, set up shop in Australia for 48 hours and have residents running for an exclusive tee that you wouldn't get anywhere else?

Corteiz continue to rule the world as their latest touch down was in Shepherds Bush, West London and said they are dropping cargo's for a special price 99p, come with £1 and you would have been refused. After given the coordinates on Saturday the 22nd there were 3000 people on Shepherd's Bush Green waiting to get a ticket and have bossman hooking them up.

After this whole movie on a Saturday afternoon the link to the website came out requiring the password meaning a new drop could very much be on the way.

The marketing genius was amazing, so amazing we are seeing fast fashion brands biting popular designs.

Right now to have the people move in an instant shows the global impact the brand can really have.

The fashion world would love to have this type of young creative influence, to embrace the culture in the area you are pushing these pop up's in also means something, that shop probably never has seen the place so active on the Saturday.

Keep an eye out for that password and when that website goes live you better not miss out!

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