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‘The Prgrshn in Music’

As prgrshn is waiting for his flight back from Amsterdam we caught up with him to talk about his role as Exexutive producer being more prominent and how he has created music that connect deeper with the artist through understanding and communication with the artist.

Photo by V.vbry

From new work with Stormzy , his notable work with WSTRN, Tiana Major9, Benjiflow and more his process is like treating a bonsai tree, requiring patience and attention.

First of all how’s your bonsai trees?! 

Also have you found a new daily ritual to add to it?

I’ll be honest, not so good lol. Plants require a lot of attention and I’ve been in it up to my neck recently so admittedly I have kinda neglected them. I need to get back on it. Watching their growth was mad therapeutic and fascinating. Plants have real character and are genuine living breathing things. Gotta get back to that. 

You continue to be such a catalyst in music and the artists you create with make art that is credible and a vibes every time, what’s something you learnt walking into every new session?

Conversation is key. In order to make good music there has to be a real relationship there, I try my best to draw from real things, whether that be past stories, current emotions, relatable subjects and just life itself.

Negative or Positive it just has to be real and authentic.

50% of my sessions is just getting to know the artist on a human one. A lot of it is about trust, them trusting me to capture their vulnerability and truth and overstanding we have taste that aligns. 

In your words what does a great Executive producer bring to a project?

Synergy and Cohesiveness. I pride myself on being able to identify and nurture identity in the music. Zooming into the nuisances and making conscious decision to embellish the things that truly matter to the artist story and delivery.

An Executive Producers job is to look at things holistically and help shape the decision making for the greater good of the end goal.

Do you feel yourself teaching the artists that you work with about the history of music and how important is that ? 

We are all part of a greater and bigger story, I’m a strong believer in knowing where you come from so you know where you’re going. 

I appreciate the past in the same way I live in the now and prepare for the future.

A lot of amazing things came before us and have prepared for the present, as we do so for the future

Is there anyone you haven’t sat in the studio with yet that you’d like to make a single or a full body of work with ?

There’s a bunch of people I’d love to work with. I’m all about collaboration. However my process is very much about building a vibe and a geniuine connection.

Artists that get to vibe with this already legend are truly getting something something in the outcome.


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