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This Corteiz x Nike advert brings back nostalgia and 2 more Air Max 95 colourways

When you have a product sometimes the advert is the sell and Corteiz has already put a buzz behind the new air max 95 collaboration with their crossbar challenge giving away pairs to winners.

Now this Nike advert directed by Walid Labri shows that Nike really allowed a lot of their creativity to shine but also tap into to nostalgic moments such as the Joga Bonito era and the legendary crossbar hit, also small things that you'd not notice like the Corteiz string bag the kids had allowing you to really take back the years..

With familiar faces and of course the man himself making a cameo it is a great moment and hope that it lives beyond the internet, needs a viewing in central London on launch day.

You will also see 2 more colourways of the RTW95's (our name for them) and the both look just as enticing.

Looking forward to its release and seeing what other marketing moments are on the way from the disrupters that is Corteiz.

Which one will you be getting?

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