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Vibbar - Guy Thoughts Night

It’s an occasion when Vibbar decide it’s time to drop.

Moderated by Chuckie Online and having conversations with friends throughout this EP we get a few scenarios that you may or not relate to but it will make you think some way.

Guy thoughts night, which came out around guy fawks showed us from the title that it’s going to be a play on words when getting into track one and some of them will go over your head and you may have to double take and start the track again, the double entendres and metaphors make you appreciate the lyrical jest that Vibbar provide when you listen to them.

With Etta Bond & BBC radio 1's R&B/Soul show Victoria Jane adding to the EP smoothly & Rocket of the splurgeboys barring in that intro we get a whole experience in these 4 tracks.

Vibbar is what you play when chilling with another beautiful person with a bottle of red or maybe even stronger and setting the vibe and for those that are as real as they come.

Play Guy Thoughts Nights via your choice of DSP


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