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Get away with Vibbar - Lost & Found

Updated: Feb 17

Rah! You have had 3 Vibbar drops in 2023 and they truly meant it when they said they would be dropping a lot more.

This full project is great because you know you always will get an array of things in the music; word play, cool chill different production and a guest appearance somewhere. We got all of that in this one.

Set at the airport heading off to Olso we get  moods in each song even and R&B one written on the 11th Feb 2017 featuring Etta Bond which is great because it shows you sometimes artists are sitting on a gem and just needs the right time & place to drop.

Plus unrealeased music really shouldn't be on your hard drive. Give it to the people.

Some of the samples you may catch are nostalgic but not forced, best way to take them in.

The guest appearance verse this time comes from JME and the subtle approach let the tape that much sentimental and the track is a chilled bubble one and it’s great to hear him still barring.

This is something to listen to as a weekend getaway soundtrack with your people or just unwind and put your headphones in just to get away.

Listen to Lost & Found

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